Someone recently asked me a question I’ve been asked many times.  How do you write a book?  My answer is always the same.  I write a book one word at a time.  Then you re-write it one word at a time.   I’ve been writing nearly twenty five years.  Writing was the natural response to my academic research.    Amusement was not my forte, but museful reflection on rational propositions was my enjoyment.  Only recently I decided to publish the words for public consumption.  Although my primary discipline is theology, I have inquired into the fields of philosophy and the cultural milieu shift from modernity to post modernity.   In summary, I’ve spent most of my life contemplating reality.  Therefore, I write books about my perception of reality.

Then some of my friends tell me that I must write a blog.  I insisted that there is no such word in the English language.  The revelation that blog is an abbreviation of the word weblog was sufficient to bring blogging into my theater of reality.  I conceded that blogging may be useful in the kingdom of God on earth.

Writing and blogging is a very good way to express intelligent human discourse, a great gift from God.  However, writing and blogging is not enough.   A writer must be a promoter.   The writer must sell his or her books.  So here I am doing what I do not like to do, promoting my books.  Enough promotion, now back to writing.