I responded to a blog that asked the question "What is Worship" and this was my brief answer.

Worship is an innate principle that belongs to God’s rational creatures. It is expressed by attributing worthiness to their object of worship.  May I suggest a couple of resources.  I published a paper entitled "Restore Biblical Worship" on my web site, Rational Christian Thoughts, www.rationalchristianthoughts.com

The fact that biblical principles have been maligned in a large part of the evangelical church is easy to prove.   If you planned to go to a football game would you tell people you were going to a basketball game?  Unless you purposely intend to deceive someone the answer is probably “no.”  Why do Christians say “I’m going to church” or “let’s go to church” or some similar phraseology about attending church? 

Since all individual believers constitute the church, it is impossible for the church to go to church.  The church may gather or assemble for a variety of reasons including Bible study, fellowship, prayer, or worship.  Christians do not and cannot go to church.  The church can and should go to worship.

Liberal Arts Christian colleges, Bible colleges, and seminaries inculcate the idea to their students that Christians "go to church."  After 50 years of observation and 25 years of research, I conclude the reason for that is they do not understand the biblical purpose of the church.  It is to worship God.  Christian leaders focus their attention on evangelism, therapy, and other important disciplines for the church.  These are often treated as if they are the purpose of the church.  Not so!  Worship is the purpose of the church.  The mission of the church is to make disciples and teach holiness.  The ministry of the church is to follow the biblical prescription that will fulfill the purpose and mission. 
Those are just a few thoughts.  The Theocentric Publishing Group will publish a book in Oct. 10, D.V., entitled "Joy in Worship."  This book is based on sound biblical scholarship, but will be for the layman to rediscover the biblical meaning and practice of worship.