We, most of the western world, live in the skepticism produced in the change from modernity to post modernity.  The rational intellectual perception of human development has  been absconded by the empirical suggestion that “image is everything.”  It is said that Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) “at thirteen years of age said he was enraptured by the reading of John Locke’s “An Essay of Human Understanding” (Rational Biblical Theology of Jonathan Edwards, p. 7).  I use that quote to show that although Edwards was considered precocious by many prominent philosophers and theologians, he was a product of his age.  During the same period of time Isaac Watts wrote a book titled “logic” subititled “The Right of Reason in the Inquiry After Truth.”  It is only 315 pages, but replete with laws of logic and the explanation of Syllogisms.  Many college graduates would have great difficulty understanding this text book that was used for what now call elementary school.  Later Watts wrote another book titled “The Improvement of the Mind”  subtitled “A Supplement to Logic.”  He wrote it so that young children may improve “their reason, even in the common affairs of life” (Preface).   One of his opening comments to these young children was “It is the design of Logic to give this improvement to the mind, and to teach us the right use of reason in the acquirement and communication of all useful knowledge” (page 2).