The headline in the local newspaper was “State Department of Education will go after BP” (British Petroleum) to recover revenues because of the oil spill.  The rationale was state sales tax will be down because of the oil spill and therefore the school system will have less revenue.  The irony is that the education budget is a perpetual problem.

The top shelf at the education department ought to exercise themselves so they may discover the reason for budget shortfalls.  If they were honest, they would discover the problem is not merely the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.   The reason for their budget shortfalls are abuses and unnecessary programs within the school system.

The real problem is the world and life view owned by the accusers.  One of the more popular milieus is victimizationalism.  This is a passive world view that was popularized by the therapeutic generation accompanied by a litigious society.  It is a world view void of any biblical understanding.  The basic assumption behind victimizationalism is the goodness and worth of self.  It is built on the unbiblical notion that “I am and there is not one else besides me” (Isaiah 47:10).  This unbiblical destructive world view essentially says “when something bad happens to me it is the fault of someone else.  Since it is their fault, they must pay me some money. 

Now Christians, let’s hear the rest of the story.  The Bible says “each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.  Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin…” (James 1:14, 15).  The sin nature always puts the blame on someone else just like Eve said, “the Devil made me do it” (Genesis 3:8-13).  The unbiblical therapeutic enterprise attempts to avoid the sin problem and dwell on the goodness of man.  They would do well to dwell on the goodness of God and the badness of man.