Christianity brought me into faith and fellowship.  It was faith in Christ and fellowship with other Christians.  I learned very quickly that Christians used strange words in their conversations.  I remember hearing a discussion about the sin of Adam and Eve and one man said to the other “are you infralapsarian or supralapsarian?”  Those words were foreign to my vocabulary.  Eventually I bought theological dictionaries to help me understand theological words, concepts, and ideas.  During my first year in seminary I started compiling theological words and concepts for my own use.  For fifteen years I worked on developing a summary of theological terms, with brief objective definitions. 

Finally it became a book.  I published it as a reference for Bible study or sermon preparation.  It is designed so that simple words like faith or not so simple words like aseity are explained in plain language.  There are over 475 terms explained on 140 pages. 

It is on sale until August 31, 2010.   Use discount code 9348RD24 when you buy direct from the printer