Everyday the headlines feature the economic condition of the western world in general and the US in particular.  I wonder how many people predicted an inflated, head over heels debt, and demoralized society over a half century ago?  There were probably many, but I remember one such prediction.  It was by my father.  In the early 1950’s Mr. Ransom McElroy came by the house to ask for my father’s vote for supervisor.  They started talking about what I now understand to be the economy and my father said, “The time will come when you’ll have to have a wheel barrow to push the money in the store to buy a loaf of bread.”  My childish mind pictured a man pushing a wheel barrow full of dollar bills into the grocery store.  Now my more mature mind realizes the truth of the principle predicted by my father.  To put it in proper perspective my father made about $2.75 an hour as a brick mason.  A loaf of bread was about 15 cents and gas was about 25 cents.  The prices of those items have gone up nearly 15 times from the original cost in the 1950’s.  If my father was still living and laying brick it would stand to reason that he should make about $40.00 an hour.  If my information is correct the average bricklayer makes $15.00 to $20.00.  My prediction is conditioned by a contingency.  If this trend continues there will be two classes of people in the un-United States: the poor and the rich.  The solution is to return to the principles (let me repeat “principles”) established by the Hebrew social and civil institutions as they are found in the Word of God.