The cultural elites have successfully deceived several generations into believing that truth is so abstract that it becomes practically useless.  Mental assent is sufficient for most and for the rest if truth really surfaces, it is to be put on a shelf so it will not divide the ranks.

So where does this leave the state of the Christian?  It leaves the Christian standing on the edge of a cliff about to fall into a neo dark age.

Debate and defend the truth as God illumines your mind.  The great statesman, Henry Clay, was about to introduce a certain bill in Congress when a friend said, “If you do, Clay, it will kill your chance for the presidency.”  “But is the measure right” Clay said, and being assured it was right he said, “I would rather be right than president.”

Where are the men like Henry Clay?  Where is the culture that once believed that truth counts?  I’ve encountered deep resistance to truth.  I’ve known and encountered professing Christians who are experts at making a proposition sound like truth and take pride in it.  For instance, someone could say there is a squirrel in the living room.  Taken out of context that might mean that a squirrel is in my living room, when in reality (truth) there is no squirrel in my living room.  I had one man tell me once “I take the ninth commandment too seriously.”  As a sinner, just like you, I might break the ninth commandment, but how could a Christian say that someone took the ninth commandment too seriously?  A statement like that is easy to understand, if you understand that the state of the Christian is more inclined to pietism than to the whole counsel of God.  This is not the time for pietism or timidity.

The state of the Christian has not changed much through the centuries.  There are new names, cultures have changed, technology has increased, but the report is much the same.