Individuals and groups within a culture will formulate worldviews to understand and influence the culture in which they live.  Every aspect of culture will be influenced by worldviews.  Conflicting worldviews normally occur because of individual preferences competing in the public sector in terms of demands.  They often turn into cultural wars.  The cultural wars are the battles that are being fought in the public arena in this postmodern culture over the important issues of life.  Cultural wars are those controversies that divide the American public with reference to politics, art, education, law, family and a host of other issues.     

God created a perfect culture and “then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it” (Genesis 2:15).  Man disobeyed the Lord and tried to come up with a better culture.  The fall of man introduced cultural distinctions; one was godly and the other was ungodly. 

Every person on this planet is under the influence of a culture.  Every culture has cultural elites, the people who have the greatest influence over a particular culture.  It may be a tyrant like the lord of Bezek (Judges 1:5-7) or some other name in recent history.  Philosophers, theologians, educators, politicians, actors, or anyone of celebrity status will influence culture.  Ungodly rational creatures without Jesus Christ at the center of their culture, will have an ungodly influence.  Without Jesus Christ, creeping conspiracies will invade the culture.  Chaos becomes a way of life.  Godly rational creatures with Jesus Christ at the center of their culture will have a godly influence.  It will be a culture of peace and harmony as individuals confederate for mission and ministry and submit to the rule of one King of kings.


*Selections from my book Creeping Conspiracies