There are dozens of groups on Facebook featuring book promotion.  Some claim to have as many as 20,000 members.  There are a few, very few, that claim existence for the purpose of promoting Christian books.   This morning I went to one of the Christian book groups (boasting over 5,000 members) and scrolled through the list of posts from professing Christian authors promoting their books.  I found one book promoting Christian doctrine, excluding all the end time fanatics, self-help promotions, fiction, charlatans, and other products that were not associated with Christianity, out of 50 promotional posts.  One out of fifty promoting worthy Christian doctrine.

Thinking it was just a void in the market place, I started a group with the title Books Featuring Christian Doctrine. The group has less than 300 in the group and growing very slow.  Does this prove the interest level for books featuring Christian doctrine?  Probably not, but statistically it represents the general audience and mentality of the Facebook population.

There are a few books relative to worthy Christian doctrine that are being published.  Unfortunately most of those authors and publishers have to depend on social media to advertise their books.  The genre and the Facebook audience are not a good mix.  Obviously, it’s not working, but it’s free.