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Basic Christian doctrine is the aim for Martin Murphy Christian Books.

The apostle Paul wrote his friend Timothy and requested "books especially the parchments" (2 Timothy 4:13).  Paul requested the books while he was imprisoned and especially requested "parchments" which may have been the Old Testament or some portion of it. Even great men who have written significant books still want books.

For thirty years Martin Murphy devoted his attention and time to both reading and study.  Although he still reads, he will devote some time writing books.  Martin intends to publish books on a variety of subjects.  Many of them will consist of biblical exposition or from his teaching notes.  Martin Murphy writes books for pastors, teachers, and laymen to be more effective ministers of the gospel.

The Theocentric Publishing Group is the primary publisher for Martin Murphy and has new titles coming out on a regular basis.   See these new titles at

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John G. Hartung wrote a book that I highly recommend.  The title is Truth in the Flesh, sub-title "Introducing Apologetics to the Local Church.  Theocentric Publishing Group

My Christian Apology Book Review by J. W. Wartick

Martin Murphy wrote Making Godly Choices with this question in mind!

How many decisions will you make today?  You may choose to answer the phone or not.  You may choose to eat a hamburger or not.  You will make thousands of decisions today, most of them subconsciously.  Since the choices may overwhelm you, feed your soul with the nourishment it needs to make godly choices.  Understanding the doctrine of the Ten Commandments is essential.   Making Godly Choices was written to help Christians develop a worldview that includes God’s moral law so they will make godly choices.  Dr. Bryan Beyer, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, at Columbia International University says, “Making Godly Choices rightly proclaims the enduring relevance of the Ten Commandments.  The book’s   clear exposition of the text challenges readers to live life by God’s design, for only then do we really embrace life as He intended it.”


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Martin Murphy has written and published ten books and previously edited and published a theological newsletter.  He has a B.A. in Bible from Columbia International University and Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.

"My Christian Apology" was reviewed by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes.  Also see the review at Theocentric Publishing Group.

Pastor James Vickery's book "joy in Worship" was recently reviewed by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes.  Also see the review at Theocentric Publishing Group.

My friend James Perry's book "Consider These Things With Me"  was recently reviewed by Christian Book Notes.  Also see the review at Theocentric Publishing Group.

Dr. Steve Brown Endorses "The Essence of Christian Doctrine"


In a world driven by the winds of relativism and shallowness, it is refreshing to read the work of Martin Murphy.  He is a man of God driven by truth… the revealed truth of Scripture.  He writes with clarity and power about the verities of the Christian faith and in a way that makes a difference in how we live.  I commend this book to you with a prayer that the “truth will make you free.”

Dr. Brown is an author, seminary professor, and teacher on the syndicated radio program Key Life.

Return to the Lord, A Brief Commentary and Exposition of Hosea

Dr. Richard Pratt said, "I have read through it and admire what you have done.  We need more correct and practical instruction in the prophetic books, and you have given us just that." 

Dr. Pratt is an author, seminary professor, and President of Third Millennium Ministries.

Words from the author......................

Return to the Lord reveiwed by Christian Book Notes

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